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Someone wants to buy my fiverr account?

This sounds really fishy. Is this a common scam over here. I have a fairly new account but a gig that’s doing pretty well for me. He wants to buy my account and own my gigs, that just sounds weird. I’m actually having fun doing my gigs and building my brand over here so not interested at all in selling it. Is this something that I should respond, report or ignore, thanks.

I figured it was, wasn’t sure on reporting though. Just got another one now also. Will do so immediately. thanks kjblynx

Reply to @marketformobile: I want to Buy your account come on inbox

oops, I reported yours too riyanairtel. Sorry, the account is not for sale. Having fun with it right now. thanks…

Who wants to buy my account?! Starting price $200,000! Come on everyone, not all at once! :-bd

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oh yea that will be a killing

lol… now for 200,000 grand I might think about selling it!

I just wanted to point out that after posting this, someone who posted above in this thread (take a wild guess who…) sent me a message inquiring about buying my account. I told him I’d do it for $200,000 and he agreed but said he would need my password first =)) Hahhaaha.

Ahhhh I’m just dying over here.

Wow. People amaze me sometimes.

Would someone want to get mine

Report it immediately.

$199,999,- Sorry it’s all I have.

With the kind (and number) of reviews you have, I might have added one more zero to the asking price if i were you.

This is illegal. Report.