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Someone was being rude to me on Fiverr

So, there was this random guy that was asking me about making a song and told me upfront that my sample was crap. But wait, there’s more. I didn’t even send him any samples. So, this guy just blatantly walks in and message me just to tell me that my work is crap. Of course it stung at first and I really wanted to lash out, but you know what? I’m the better man. So, I just it slide.

Lesson for all of you reading this: Fiverr isn’t a bed of roses there will be and always be some people out if nowhere who will just ruin the whole Fiver experience, but when it happens to you, thoughts of quitting might get to your head but remember why you started doing Fiverr in the first place, its because you love what you do and you want this to be your side hustle. Peace out!

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These unhappy people who want to drag others into their own private hell with them pop up occasionally for most sellers. Pity them and know that they are simply expressing their own inner turmoil in your direction.

My wish for them is to find peace joy and happiness in their lives so they can stop trying to spread misery.


Thank you for that! I completely agree. Yes, they occasionally pop up from time to time. Yes, I do hope the best for them too, that’s why I just ignored the poor soul so he would stop spreading his misery on others. Good luck on our Fiverr journey!

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