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Someone who is good at google sheets, I need help

It’s nothing big that you need to get paid. All I need to know is how to make an if statement, query, etc when one or two of your cells that you’re making reference to is a drop down menu.

For eg: A1 and B1 are drop down menus, and the statement is: =if(and(A1= Puppy, B1=Dog), “Golden”, “Bronze”)

So only when A1 has Puppy and B1 has Dog then the logical test can be true. But remember that they’re also drop down menus

Please help, thanks a bunch

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I think someone on Fiverr who is skilled with this should get paid for helping with any task. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small task or a big task, why would they work for free? I would advise any sellers with an interest in helping to respond with their gig links instead of offering free assistance. If you just want charitable assistance, perhaps a forum that is just about spreadsheets would be better.