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Someone withdrew my money

I’ve been very busy over the past few weeks, and to be honest, I never check my revenue statement, assuming my earnings will be there when required. However, yesterday, I received the shock of my life when looking through my emails (again something I hardly ever bother with) and found a message from Jan 24 telling me that my withdrawal had been completed successfully. The problem is, not only did I not make a withdrawal or authorise anyone else to, but my fiverr email address is not connected to my PayPal account, so where has the money gone? We’re talking 63 gigs worth here - nearly all I’ve earned since starting. I’ve contacted CS, but 24 hours later, still no reply. Has this ever happened to anyone else?

Have you ever made a withdrawal on Fiverr since joining?

No, this has never happened. I make a habit of transferring funds when I get a certain amount, and I look at my statement daily.

Also, if you’re having trouble reaching CS, try sending them a tweet (@fiverr) That seems to get their attention.

Reply to @calcommpr: No, I haven’t. This was the first time.

With the withdrawal process through paypal, you have to request the withdrawal in your Fiverr account, then you get sent an email to your paypal email address that contains a link you need to click in order to verify the transfer. Double check and make sure YOUR Paypal account is the account hooked up to your Fiverr account and check your email for that withdrawal confirmation. There may be an error somewhere you are not seeing. If it’s fraud, then I recommend you update your passwords to prevent it from happening again until Fiverr responds. You can never be too careful and you don’t want to lose anymore money in the meantime.

Hope you get your reply soon!

Any updates on your issue?


So far Fiverr have ascertained that the money was paid into an account with a similar address, albeit significantly different. However, that was 5 days ago and I have heard nothing since, despite messaging them everyday.

I never received any email with a verification link as I never requested a withdrawal, but I did receive an email saying the money had been withdrawn successfully. So the questions are: How can my money be withdrawn into another email address not associated with my fiverr account? and after the withdrawal, why did I receive the confirmatory email, which should have gone to the bogus account?

It all looks highly suspicious, but as I said, Fiverr have not got back, and there has been no mention of making good the loss, which I presume they must do as they were looking after the money.

I’m suspecting that you must have used a public computer or a friend’s PC and left your account open OR you have you used the ‘remember username and password’ feature on your browser, that leaves you vulnerable. Hard luck bro!

Wrong on both counts.

Any updates from fiverr since February? I hope so!

Reply to @roymatoir: Seems very strange indeed!

I assume possibly - someone hacked your GMAIL account???

Well people could have also hacked into your fiverr account, did you get any fishy message this year?

Best of luck

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Reply to @thecreativeguys: No, I didn’t.

Reply to @lorena72: Not a sausage!

I’ve read this a lot lately on the forums. Quite a few people experiencing spam withdrawals from their accounts. As far as I’ve seen, Fiverr doesn’t seem to do anything about it. They kind of just say you’re SOL and send you on your way. There’s no protection here and I can only imagine how frustrating that is without so much as a Fiverr service number to actually talk to someone. That’s really unfortunate

Everyone should take this as a warning to make sure to make frequent withdrawals from their accounts. Don’t keep anymore in your account than what you can afford to lose, because unfortunately Fiverr doesn’t offer protection as of right now. Hopefully they’ll make some adjustments in the future