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Something bad happened! What to do?

Hi friends, So I had 10 or more orders last month and I had to cancel two because one just ordered to cancel the order for minor mistake and the other one after deciding everything we started the order but minutes after accepting the order he said that I just got call from my manager and we no longer want it. So I contacted Fiverr to help because cancelling will affect my profile listing but they said that they can’t do anything about it. So because of that I started losing getting orders and for this month only did one order. So what should I do?


Keeping working hard and have a positive mind set towards having new better order daily.

Better ones will come.


Thank you for the kind words

Keep continue with passions. Trying regularly You will get the orders…

Best of luck.

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DON’T PUT ALL YOUR EGGS IN ONE BASKET, there are many other freelancing websites you can try. Also please remember that Fiverr is heading towards disaster and all the buyer and sellers who are not alert will be drown with it.

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To make your stats better try to see if your gig is getting views and impressions if not try to change your Tags and title to try and get you gig in ranking.

If this doesn’t work use the buyer request for getting some orders.

You have to work hard as Fiverr day by day is becoming competative for every seller.

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Not the buyers but sellers for buyer everything is okay! However, the one who survives will surely get great success but its truely getting hard day by day to manage things.


Thank you all for your sincere advice. Appreciate it!

With Me this Happened also.Someone place order for just cancel the order.He just want to put down my ranking.I was Contact to fiverr and tell this story & luckily fiver cancel my order without effecting my ranking.

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But when I requested, they did nothing

But Fiverr Make Cancel the order ? Or through buyer order is cancelled ?

They said they can’t do anything so with mutual agreement with the buyer. We canceled the order

Do a lot of bidding and you will get the score back.

Thank you for the advice

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Welcome! My pleasure.

Keeping working hard and have a positive mind set towards having new better order daily. best for luck !! :blush:

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Thank you! Appreciate your words.


:laughing: holy moly…that’s a bold statement. But there might be some truth in it though…

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Marketplace is hard, sometimes you got to loose something, accept the loss which is less, and lead a happy freelancing life

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