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Something Brought to My Attention buy 3 Different Buyers, and is a valid Point

Something Brought to My Attention buy 3 Different Buyers, and is a valid Point. The fact that the 3 buyers that have no connection with each other was what got my attention most. With that being said I’ll speak on it here as I promised I’d do so to the Buyers, as to have it in 1 place.

It is common Knowledge or should be by now, that I have a fair following outside of Fiverr, and in the event those people make their way to Fiverr and order one of my Gig’s especially anything related to audio of graphic’s, something I didn’t take into account I want to remedy, and make promise…

It is true that I have several people that operate my account with me under my authority and direction, my wife, 2 sons, nephew and a paid intern/employee basically now, Dan, he does great work, good kid, from a local college, works on my station and helps out with Fiverr with monitoring the account and client communications etc, so we have a fast response, which ours is 1 hr or less.

Speaking on my Gig’s on relevant to Fan type stuff.

I have certain gigs that are template work for fast creation, I create the templates and any of those mentioned above can take orders on those gigs that don’t require modification or customization’s. And though none of them have ever done a bad job I was told we found you on fiverr and wanted Rob Michell to do our gig for the sake of having it done by Robert Michell, and well, that’s flattering, and I can see where when you do a gig and get it and someone besides rob signs the bottom with -Dan or etc, you say hey I wanted something done by rob…

first of all 2 things,

1: just because they converse with you doesn’t mean they did the gig for you, they may been communicating and delivering for me, I own 3 businesses, and work 4 micro-job sites, including and like fiverr for our charities campaigns. And working the station some days. Though I have people that get paid to do that but I enjoy it.

2: Someone approved by me may have completed your base or template type of gig and not me, but I created the templates, ideas for the gigs, images videos and so forth, so its still my work so to speak, but I get thats not enough for fans of a certain degree so I will remedy that in 2 ways.

shown below…

1: I might be starting a signature series of gigs and stuff to focus on that appeal, though its odd to me, I’m just the DJ/Tech guy Rob… LOL but I get it, and again thanks its flattering…

2: If you order a gig and want to make sure its done by me regardless what it is, then in the buyer instruction’s say hey I want my work done by Rob or DjMystery I’m a fan, if you remember to do that if it really is that important, I’ll signature sign the work is some special way…

I know alot of you fans are from real past stuff from my old nick name from back in the day when we had thousands upon thousands hanging out on barely developed video and audio streaming platforms, using old style jpg push engines, and I love you for remember that, but that’s been so long ago, and I rather not bring that nickname and other stuff into play beyond a simple reference to it, as I done herein…

So I hope that is suitable for the few of you that sent that, and again, thanks, that was so flattering, and I understand you requests even if I don’t completely GET WHY! lol I love you for it anyways…

Take care!

Best Regards,

MichellTech (ROB)

Your First Stop On

Come On, Buy a Gig, You Know You Want Too…!

PS: Anyone that found your way here and is a fan of WEDT or DJ MYSTERY, A Real fan would know this…


Answer that and Earn $10 credit for extras or 2 base gigs. INBOX ME on though, let’s keep this seperate for those that come from out places.

Interesting diversion into self-promotion (and in the right forum.) I don’t know if many forum readers will get much out of it, but it is a unique try, even with the errors! :wink:

Seriously…? lol Classic, I’ma check into something and depending on result, maybe regardless of result just to prove a point. I’ll check first though… Somebody is gonna look really stupid, in more ways than one…Some people…but I guess it takes certain events to prevent a child from touching the hottie stuffs. :wink:

Just WOW…!

Be blessed tot hose in need of lessons…lol…No wonder you…aw nm…be blessed.


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