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Something feels very off. I have impressions but no clicks

I feel like my gig is being hidden, and I’m unsure why.
I have proper graphics in HQ quality, very detailed English descriptions of what my gig offers, I have a full updated and detailed profile page with all 5 star reviews, from when I used to sell on fiverr a year ago.
And now, I come back to sell again, and I have had absolutely zero orders, and almost no clicks on my gigs at all.
It isn’t about my thumbnail not being colorful enough, or my title being misleading – both the images I used, and the title, are extremely professional and direct to the point, in regards to what I’m offering.
I strongly believe that my gig is hidden and people are NOT finding it with the keyword tags I used – which are extremely popular, and related to what I am selling.
So here is my question. Does fiverr offer some kind of affiliate/pro program, where sellers have a membership they pay for, and their gigs get listed before other fiverr sellers? Like some kind of internal promotion for sellers that pay for it?
Because I’m trying to wrap my brain around the fact that I have had only 2 clicks on one gig, and 0 clicks on another gig – and yet both gigs are extremely thorough and well put together.


Welcome back.
Short answer, things are different from what they were a year ago.


Well, I appreciate the honesty, lol

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If the keywords are popular, than you probably have a lot of competition to fight through.

Also, Fiverr has the ability to do paid promotions now, but I don’t think everyone has access to it, so you might search the forum for more info.


Are your receiving impressions? If so, your gig is visible to the public. Buyers just aren’t taking the next step and clicking it.


Check the amount of impressions and clicks you are getting in a week. If you have less impressions then change your tags. If you have less clicks make a video and try to include your face to get the trust of the buyer. That’s my opinion