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Something fishy is going on w/ Fiverr - all work has stopped


I was working regularly via Fiverr then I got my Level 1 badge and ALL WORK STOPPED completely & it’s been that way for 3 weeks.

Immediately when the Level 1 badge was granted Fiverr kept me logged out continuously for 2 weeks straight no mater how many times I logged in, After 14 days of begging them to do something they repaired said ‘glitch’

Seems they did some ‘rearranging’ while they had me logged out & now I’m no longer visible nor am I getting any work at all

Customer service has been useless

They wrote me this: (anyone else experiencing any of this or am I being singled out / hidden on purpose?)

Itamar (Fiverr Customer Support)

May 3, 8:59 AM EDT

Hi there,

We’re currently running some tests on the search placement algorithm in order to best maximize placement for all Gigs.

The goal of these tests is to make sure that we’re showing the best Gigs for the intended search results. For example, we don’t want to show Gigs that are not active, sellers who are on vacation, etc. We’re weighing a multitude of factors for these tests, and not just one specific aspect of a Gig.

We are constantly working to improve the marketplace, and we appreciate your patience while we work to make the marketplace even better for sellers!

You are welcome to post any questions or comments you have on our forum.


That happened for about two weeks and then things went back to normal.

Level 0 gigs get more impressions and better placement than level 1 gigs so you might just have a slow period for a while. It happens to everyone and especially when you first become a level 1 seller.


It seems to me that fiverr search heavily favors long running gigs or brand new gigs. If your in the middle of those you have to find your own buyers on other platforms.