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Something for Good Rating

Hi all, I worked on Fiverr Back in 2011 and earned a lot :wink:
But due to my studies i left Online work - and Now i am back.
My old profile is disable due to inactivity of years.

Things are changed a lot, but one thing will never change which is your communication with Buyers.

We all should keep the following in mind
When a buyer contact you, and you believe that you can do his job.
But who will get the job?
The one who talk politely and with manners.

Also you need to justify your plan of work that how you will fulfill his/her objectives with your skills while talking to him - in the first go :slight_smile:

Many of us know it, but i hope for newbies like me it will help.

Thank you

Yup, communication is HUGE! That’s what i believe in…

True :slight_smile:

I totally agree.

yeah …good communication is effective as well with creative work.

I agree but I don’t know how to promote my gig on fiverr because I need job in fiverr can someone help me ?

Very true. nice tip. A did made a post few weeks back on communication as a marketing tool. Thanks for bringing this back to our mind. Best regards!

Fiverr academy - all information for new sellers. Happy reading :slight_smile:

ya, according my experience, communication matters the most when dealing with customers .

Welcome back and thank you for the 'Communication tips" for a good rating, well done!

warm welcome back
I am new seller too, talking with respect works
you took good point

I have a questin to sellers. I just want to make sure this is proper protocal: I purchased a logo the other day. I paid for the logo, and now the seller wants more for the file of the logo than what I paid for the logo itself. Is this normal?

Thank you! Communication is a key to success in fiverr.

Welcome Back dude :wink: I Back too

contact me

hahahahaa i will provide you a free logo , as it’s my hobby just as a start


Welcome back…
Thank you for the ‘Communication tips” that will helps the newbies to maintain a good rating,
well done!

Agree… Communication with buyers will make you superstar on FIVERR :slight_smile:

You have to check in the Gig description what type of file are you getting. If you paid 5$ for a logo it is hardly you are getting an editable file. I am a graphic designer and even though I do not offer logos as one of my services I do charge extra for l source files.
So yes it is pretty standard that you get charged extra for those files