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Something Funny With My Account

Yesterday I was trying to log in MY ACCOUNT, but it told me that I used the wrong password (which I did NOT). So I tried again, and again, and again. I even checked it with my note if I had typed the right password, and I DID type the right password but it still told me that the password that I typed was not correct. Then I asked my husband to type the password for me (in case I got so stupid that I kept typing the wrong password), and it still didn´t work. I got tired so I asked the system to send me a password change request, and then I changed my password.

This morning same thing happened. I tried to log in with my new password and it just didn´t work. I tried it a number of times. So I had to change my password again. Am I getting senile or is it a bug or someone has been trying to hack my account? :confused:


Hello, you are not getting senile, and you are surely not losing your mind. This has happened to a lot of people, and I have to deal with it at least once every week too.

When next this comes up, try cleaning out your browser cache, cookies and history first. Like CS would posit, “Fiverr has been optimized to work well with Google Chrome,” so I’ll advise you make that your prime choice of browser.

If this fails, don’t panic. Drink some water and login with a different browser. I hope these help towards next time.


@speakslikechris Thank you for your comment. Glad to know that I´m not getting senile, lol. :joy:

I will try your advice and will be back to this ranting thread if there is still a problem, hehehe. Thanks. :slight_smile:

I got same problem some days back. I just update my password and change the browser. Its work for me. Hope its work for you a well.

If its not works contact CS. They will assist you. :slight_smile:


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@brady_bear Thank you. :slight_smile:

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You’re most welcome. I do hope the steps work for you

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I had this experience too… But I just chilled and login after sometimes

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For some reason I’m always logged in for months until something happens and I have to clear my browser cache, which logs me out.

Have you opted for not remaining logged in all the time? Because being permanently logged in would avoid such problems - heck, I don’t even know how the login form looks anymore :smiley:

Also, I’d stay away from manually typing the password in the field, and instead I’d use a password manager that auto-types the pass on my behalf without having it to memorize (my memory is fighting me big time)

[edit: I like senile people, though you’re not one yet, so wait your turn :smiley: #joke ]


Yes, I always log out when I am away (to have lunch, to play with my dogs, etc). :slight_smile:

I do that too. :grin:

Sometimes I actually feel I am getting there. LOL. :joy:

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But why log out when you can let it logged in? Are there any concerns you’re facing?

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Yes. I am just paranoid after reading some posts in the forum about an account got hacked. :sweat:

But in general I am a very cautious person. I always lock my gate even though I have many dogs and I know my neighbourhood is super safe. My husband is the opposite of me. He stays calm no matter what bad news he reads on the internet, while I get panicked. That´s why I don´t read news that much (almost never).

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