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Something i noticed

Just for any new sellers like myself out there, I know when I made my gig, I definitely didn’t notice the ‘SEO title’ section to fill out. I had only filled out the normal title. I’m pretty sure this is an important section to fill out for extra visibility and I’ve had it empty the whole time, so make sure you guys fill it out. Hope that helped! Peace and love guys!



this is minhaz level 2 seller of fiverr.
its very important to use SEO title. because your gig marketing 70% depends on it.
so just use a perfect SEO title for your gig…
like “I will convert psd to html”

otherwise you don’t get sufficient orders…


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I didn’t know about that.
Where is this “SEO title”?

Edit A Gig.
Then you will see :arrow_down:


Thanks for the quick reply and image!

Yes he is right , For any gig and for getting orders , the Seo title is important, I suggest you , also follow up your gig url , that is important too

By the way he is my Mentor also

Thank Sir for your valuable information :heart_eyes:

Thanks all:sunglasses :sunglasses: