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Something I really don't uderstand about sharing gigs

So, Fiverr give you the opportunity to share your Gigs on social media like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc…


Everyone says: “found a group that discuss about your job and share there”, but IT’S SPAM!
You can’t post your promotions on forums, Facebook, anywhere on the web because you (rightly) will be banned soon.

There are some Facebooks Pages like “share Fiverr gigs promotions”, but it doesn’t make any sense to me… :roll_eyes:

Any suggestions? Maybe I don’t have understand the meaning of “social sharing” here on Fiverr… :sweat_smile:

Spamming isn’t sharing. Posting your gig everywhere is not marketing and it will not get you sales. No one wants to see your gig spam.

You generate leads on social media by demonstrating expertise and then people check you out.

There are thousands of articles on lead generation and social media online. How many of them have you read?


Fiverr’s idea in giving the sharing option is that when you have completed an order, you can share that with your friends and followers saying something like “Look at this beautiful logo I created for a great client [insert emoji combo of your choice]”
If people are active on social media, this is a good idea for people to do unless they have a lot of orders that complete per day.

Sharing your gig with other desperate sellers in private groups or any of the other ways promoted by people with no sales makes zero sense.


Also, you post what people want to see, not what you want them to see. People participate in forums and follow pages to get insights, not to see spam, and no one engages with someone who just posts their links everywhere.

People need to research how business actually happens on social media.