Something I Would Love to See - Traffic Control


Suggestion: Traffic Throttling. I would like a setting that provides a step between “vacation mode” and “full on traffic,” where freelancers could set it to “previous customers only” when they have very high volume or limited availability.

Details: The mode would be the same as how you set vacation, but would take your listing out of the normal Fiverr feed. Yet, you would still appear as available for your regular customers (people who had ordered with you before). It would toggle to “returning customers only”.

Application: With summer or holidays, we have high traffic times and also events that we have to attend outside of work, but most of us have regular customers that we don’t want to let down. I have about 15 regulars that I would have to probably be in the hospital not to actually do their work and I’ll continue to do it as I travel this summer. However, that’s going to be about all I can handle. I don’t want to go into vacation mode and leave them stranded and some of them are my fellow Fiverrs and can’t let me know about the work in advance. A setting that would allow me to manually throttle new traffic, I think would be really nice for some people.

Don’t get me wrong, I love getting new customers too! Normally I can handle whatever is thrown at me for work, but while I’m spending time with my family who I see once about every 3 years, my work time is going to be limited. Surely, there are other Fiverr folks who would find it useful too.


I love this idea!