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Something is not right in my gig

Hello everyone, I will be happy if you check out my Gig. It seems like there is something wrong in it as the impressions are showing 9 with a red arrow pointing down.
I am newbie and do not have much idea your kind response will be highly appreciated.


There are quite a few problems with your gig and I can see why nobody is purchasing… let me run through a couple in my opinion.

  1. You have no sales
  2. You have no reviews
  3. You have no gig video
  4. Your Grammar is not great and it is clear English is not your native lounge.


I will do any jQuery / Laravel PHP / Wordpress task in just $5.

Should Be…

I will do any jQuery / Laravel PHP / Wordpress task for only $5.


But buyers have a wide range of freelancers to choose from and if you can’t even get your gig right how will you get their project right?

There are a couple other things but… Let’s talk about what you need to do.

First you need to get the ball rolling… you need to make some sales… Go and find your target audience where they hang out on the web… forums, blogs, youtube channels etc and promote yourself and get some sales… sales brings sales… Also make a gig video explaining what you do and why people should buy from you.

I go into this topic in more detail here

Hope this helps and good luck buddy!!!

Brother, change your Gig’s tag and share it with social media

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Thank you so much for your kind concern.
I have worked too much on the tags. Browsed different profiles, written down their tags and wrote most commonly searched keywords then finally i ended up in choosing these tags.

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