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Something is wrong with pictures in my Gig preview, help please :<


i have a little problem) After i delivered order the pictures i delivered are not showing in my gig preview.

What it is? The order was made properly and buyer was satisfied.
Can i do something wit it?

Thanks for answers, have a great day!:slight_smile:

First, make sure your live portfolio is on - it’s really easy to forget this.

Secondly, not every buyer will want their gig in your portfolio, so they may choose for it not to be shown.

You have a great day too!

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Hi @dreadbee,

Check to see if you’ve activated your gigs Live Portfolio.


Keep in mind even if LP is activated, it’s still the buyer’s sole & absolute discretion to display their completed orders or not. :relaxed:

LOL @offlinehelpers pushed the button first. :wink:

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But you added the screenshot - thank you! :grinning:

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