Something Positive Might Have Just Happened


So… I’m noticing that 3 identical gigs using identical gig cover images have disappeared from the search in one of my gig categories.

I don’t monitor all my competitors or even look at the search that often to be honest. (Plus it is possible that this seller just removed their gigs). However, given the recent: “Aahhhh!!! It’s the end of the world!!!” With regard to the recent search shakeup, has anyone else noticed anything similar?


oh thats sad…
other seller using your porfolios?


I still see multiple gigs with the same thumbnails on the same page. I don’t know how so many sellers can be using the same thumbnails. It looks like the same person started about ten new accounts and was too lazy to find new thumbnails.


Just yesterday my best selling gig was on page 1 and 2. :thinking:


Didn’t noticed but found a lot and I mean A LOT stolen well known logos on first and 2nd page
Wonder how did they got so high,and those are the sellers with 30 reviews top