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Something really annoying

So, I usually deliver my gigs in the next hour if I’m awake. My gigs have always a 24 hour delivery deadline. But sometimes the client is lazy and only reviews them a couple of days after the delivery. If the client asks for a modification within that time frame, my gig shows as ###LATE###. This is highly unfair, since I delivered it completely on time, and if it’s late, this is the client’s fault. It happened to me a couple of times and it’s been really annoying, since it lowers down my score and I can’t do anything about it. Any tips on how to avoid this?

Mmmm, this hasn’t happened to me. The only time I had the “LATE” sign, was with one very annoying client that wanted modification after modification. She asked for so many changes that every time I had less and less time to make the revisions. But, as you describe it, I don’t know. I haven’t had that problem, I think.

Yes I had that happen once. I had a client buy an extra after I delivered on time and that marked the delivery as late!

This happens to me too a lot. A lot of my buyers won’t reply after I’ve sent them a completed order or mark it as done. I think that the best thing that you can do is follow up with them like a day or so after it’s done. They might just not have seen the email saying that their work is complete.

I hope this kind of experience does not happen to me cause i always delivered on time too, thanks for sharing.

I have had same experience, and yes is sometimes annoying, because is not the seller`s fault, the thing i do now is ask the buyer (if i see that is rejecting very often) that not reject the work, i ask him that if he need some change just send a message and i will do it with no problem (that is only when you are seeing that the buyer is constantly rejecting your job)

I have had same experience too, fiverr need to take some action for this :slight_smile:

I have had the same thing happen to me a few times. Hopefully fiverr will come up with a solution for this. For me, I think the time should freeze once you have delivered it and then if the buyer asks for a modification, either just resume the clock or add a certain amount of hours in order to give the seller the time needed to make the modification.