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Something really needs to be done about cancelled orders

I just had a buyer ask me if I could perform a certain task. Before agreeing to the work, I asked a few questions and asked for them to send me the files in question for verification. Before even answering my questions, they place an order for the wrong package (that was way cheaper than what they needed), and the files were not valid file types. I was forced cancel the order for no fault of my own but a take the hit to my completing percentage.

I also have an order that after doing what I felt was really good work (also verified by some other colleagues of mine) the client decided to insult me and ask for a refund while also revealing that multiple sellers had failed to delivery satifactory results for them which angered them. Clearly this is a dysfunctional and abusive buyer that I had no chance of ever pleasing.

Buyers like this are unfortunately too common and are like land mines that you can’t avoid. I put things on my gig description, I add FAQ’s, I ask questions, all to try and prevent these issues, but still some buyers are ignorant an don’t read.

This issue has caused me a big loss of revenue in the past do to a down rank (my business is somewhat low volume so it only takes 2-3 cancellations in 60 days to fall below 90% completion), and I might be in danger again of a downgrade due to these two problematic buyers approaching me at the same time.

This is a glaring issue with this website that sellers have been complaining about for a long time and it urgently needs to be fixed. It’s becoming ridiculous. At the very least sellers should not be punished for cancellations they initiate because there no reason a seller would ever cancel an order with bad faith intent. It’s a loss of revenue for us so we would never want to cancel an order unless it was necessary. The vast majority of cancellations are going to be due to an issue on the buyers end (they changed their mind, purchased the wrong package, don’t have appropriate files or information, etc.). There really needs to be a way to better deal with cancellations.