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Something seems very wrong with my gig impressions, views, and clicks

Hey, you guys! So I don’t know what’s up with my gig stats and the orders. It’s going to be around 2 months and my gig impressions, views, clicks, and orders have all been at an all-time low and it just doesn’t improve. It just happened one day, all of a sudden without a reason.

I understand Fiverr rotates gigs to give every seller a chance but I honestly feel it’s unfair to the sellers that were sincerely keeping up the good work. I am clueless as to when my gig stats will be back up. How unpredictable can this platform get?!

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All business is unpredictable, although, trends can help owners make good decisions.

Fiverr is equally as unpredictable. It if was predictable, there would be no challenge, no need for research and improvement, and no motivation to be better than the competition.

Be a great seller, who delivers regular, top-quality, on-time work, that earns positive reviews, and you might see things start to improve again. Dedicated marketing and promotion can help as well.


We are having a problem with Fiverr for the last few days, hope they will overcome the problem soon. @parinagoyal