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Something so weird is happening right now


So few days ago, I opened my Analytics web page which I rarely open as my statics aren’t that good enough to look at & they’re just the same numbers over and over. :sob:
But this time, I found my gig that has 1 review, which isn’t getting that much of attention, killing my two other gigs when it comes to statics. It’s now getting so much of exposure that never happened before to either my gig that has 16 nor the one that has 4 reviews.

It was getting like 1-2 views & 30-60 Impressions. Now, it’s 11 views & 293 impressions. But this didn’t happen only in one day and that’s it, it’s been like this for a week now. And what grabbed my attention was because I noticed I’m getting too many people who are contacting me than normal from this specific gig.

This is so weird. I was honestly thinking to pause that gig as it wasn’t doing well, but it seems like not today! It’s just mind-blown how the least one is now getting so much exposure without me doing anything. Like seriously, in the past few days I was barely on Fiverr as I have my mid-year exams. How is this even possible! :astonished: Totally thankful for that coincidence tho, hope it last :smile:

Did someone experience such thing before? :thinking:


Yes it happens that way sometimes.


You understood my post totally wrong. My 3 gigs are about web design services. The “1 review gig” word phrase refers that this gig got 1 review only. (Kind of to show how that this gig isn’t making that much of sales)
Sorry if it isn’t written in a way that you could understand it clearly. I don’t know how to write it down in a simple yet understandable way so I just went by this one.


Hi Youssef!

Honestly I wouldn’t worry about Fiverr stats - little of the information is useful - it’s only sales that matter really.

Your gig that’s got 1 review has obviously picked up, which is great! Just keep doing what you’re doing! :sunny:


I was just offering an idea what may be the reason for this spike. My “when buyers see it´s not the kind of review gig they were looking for” means exactly that I think your review gig is the kind that is allowed.

Sorry that you took my post the wrong way too, I thought since you yourself called it “review gig”, you may have the word “review” in there somewhere, like “I will review (i. e. check) your website” or something. I´ll just delete it, though, if it causes misunderstandings. I never assumed you have an actual review gig.

You mean “my gig that has 1 review”, got you now. :slight_smile:


I just want to say “Hi, Youssef!” :wave: :blush:


Oh it was a bad idea to use the word “review” in the post. Apologize for the misunderstanding that happened, I’m actually gonna edit it with the one you wrote to make it more clear. My intentions were just to say that the gig with the one review, but I didn’t know how to express that in the right form.

Once again, apologize & thank you for taking part of the discussion.


Hello Mrs.Vickie! :slightly_smiling_face: Hope you’re doing well these days. How was your Christmas? :thinking:


This type of thing can happen when your gig moves from one page to the next - from 3 to page 2 or page 2 to page 1. It is difficult to know exactly why gigs move but it could have something to do with a particular phrase which is now popular in your niche, some other sellers’ gigs could have been moved down or even removed which bumped you up a little or it could be just your turn in the “new gig” rotation.
Just make the most of it while it lasts!


Wonderful! I had all my kids and grandkids with me at my home! I looked at this thread only because I saw you were here. :heart_eyes:


That’s so nice from you Mrs.Vicke. Happy to know that your Christmas went wonderful! :star2: Hope all your days will be filled with joy & wonderfulness. :heart: