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Something strange happened

So i had some buisness with a young man about 3 years ago for a Logo design i wanted. Suddenly, just the other day i get an email alert that my fiverr product is finished and ready for review. Odd. So i login and see that this guy from 2 years ago sent a random picture of a snowy scene. An actual photograph. I so confused. I GUESSING he had a gig with another and accidently sent it to me? Either way it says MY request is done and will be marked as accepted if i dont soon review it. Im lost and whats going on. Any help is appreciated.

We have no way of knowing. Why not message him and ask him?

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I did. Sent him several. He never replied then it went to “complete”.

Sounds like a weird bug. Is that seller even active now? Do they have active gigs and/or recent reviews?

Anyway, like @misscrystal said, nobody on the forum can help you. You can contact Customer Support and ask them for help (and perhaps a refund).

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Was the order placed by you back then, but you never submitted the info?

So the order was inactive and the seller couldn’t deliver?

If that’s the case, then the seller just decided to cash in on your order, sending you a fake delivery so that they can keep the money, hoping you were no longer active on the platform.

If that’s what went down, you need to report the seller to customer support immediately.


Ok so I took your advice and reported the user to Fiverr, which they then canceled the order. Seems he was trying to do what you said and pull a fast one. Thanks!