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Something Strange Is Happening Since Last Week with My Top Gig



I’m just wondering why my top selling gig is no longer appearing for certain keywords as it was before since the last few days! Also, it was on the first page on the selected category now I don’t see it in that category anymore. It looks like it is removed from that category for no reason (I didn’t changed gig description or title) and even more I checked the next 10 pages and the strange thing is my gig is not there anymore?

My sales dropped to zero also impressions, clicks and views decreasing daily! I know this is just because my gig is no longer on the first page of it’s category as it was before and plus the keywords was pulling my gig in front of search results first page don’t bring my gig in search results anymore!

Please if you anyone has any idea what do that will be helpful or I have to contact support about this?



Same issue with me .
I also confirm the fiverr team to fix this issue.


Did you get any reply from the support about this issue? And thanks for letting me know that this issue is not only for me :slight_smile: I hope Fiverr team fix this issue as soon as possible!


Yes fiverr team is working to fix it.