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Something that is free to use


Something that is free to use. Hope it can be useful :wink:


No, it is not useful. What the hell is this thread about?


Sorry if this is annoying and useless. I just want to do something. Sorry


She designed that herself and about the useful part it is of course useful but if not to you then no need to say that…something done with her talent shouldn’t be called “not useful”:wink:


Thanks, @maryorwar . I’m impressed :wink:


Why so salty? :thinking:

Chill bro.


Yes you right, I copied it from somewhere. That place is my computer :slight_smile: I made it myself :wink:


I think it’s cute… I love it!


Thanks, you can save it if you like it :wink:


and you ask why moderators bend you.


LOL! Waiting for more haters.


Aww. This is cute :heart_eyes: I guess it’s safe to assume that you’re a cat lover? @dearartpkp


I am a cat lover. I even keep 5 cats now. they are cute :heart_eyes:


You do an awesome job @dearartpkp

I had no idea before about what you do. The oil paintings in your portfolio, they all look great.


Thank you @rankinfinite

Everyone in this world has a story in its own right. Do not judge others before you really know them. Because the fact that happened may surprise you :wink:


Its really amazing. Well done. :clap:


You are very talented :+1:


Nice one, it would be cute to show it licking her hand lol


Thank you very much. I am glad to hear that :slight_smile:


Thank you very much. I still need to learn and learn again :wink: