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For some people, the enthusiastic supporters, a favorite brand is more than a simple product preference; it is a statement of character. In some way, large or small, the brand has qualities they identify with, the same qualities that they want others to see in them. They love these brands and are proud to be associated with them.

The passion these students exhibit for their favorite brand is the gold standard for measuring a brand’s success. Brands that are able to connect with the hearts and minds of their customers are brands that will thrive.SO it is very important when it comes to branding your product…Would you choose the cheaper logo or the more quality one…Something to think…!!

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Oh the irony. A Fiverr guy telling people not to get cheap logos. Dude, get real. We’re in the bargain basement.

Generally cheap logos are bad… but Fiverr is full of talented young logo designers looking for a big break which can lead to some outstanding designs full of character for very little money.

I agree with Mr. Nicks, as his “Scholr” and 'HelloVisible" Logo designs on his profile page, are actually top-notch, well done!

pasan12378 said: Would you choose the cheaper logo or the more quality one..Something to think..!!

Depends, if I’m creating a Facebook page about piranhas, maybe a $5 logo will suffice.

Look at Shell, they’ve been around since 1905, their logo has had several redesigns.

Reply to @fastcopywriter: Yeah ,still choosing the more quality logo over the cheaper logo is always the lbest one. :slight_smile:

Reply to @pasan12378:
Again, not necessarily. Unless you’re equating “cheap” with poor quality. I design logos. Some of the most successful logos I have designed (that clients are now using to represent their businesses), were basic $5 text-only logos with two colors.

Quality CAN be inexpensive. It all depends upon what the client needs.