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Something unclear to me!

Hello, this is Farhan. I have recently joined Fiverr and I am very much satisfied by reading Fiverr TOS. But I am unclear with some things.
These are:

  1. If I login my account in my laptop, PC and Mobile, will it violet TOS?
  2. Sometimes my network switches from WIFI (Shared) to mobile data. That’s why sometimes IP changes. Does it create any issue?
    I hope that CS will help me to clear these issues.

I work on my desktop, laptop and respond to messages on those two, as well as my tablet and cell phone at home, office and traveling and I haven’t had any issues in over fiver years.


Nope! I use multiple devices that are logged into Fiverr to do my work and respond to my messages and I’ve never received a TOS warning!


I will echo what has been said here.

I have used my desktop, tablet and phone to access my Fiverr account.

It all works without an issue.

But…that was smart of you to ask to prevent a possible ToS violation.


Thank you loosein for your information.

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Thank you dear for clarifying