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Something weird happened with the order

I sent a custom offer to the buyer, i didnt provide any revision in that order i.e i left that part empty.
As far as i know, if we leave that empty then it is considered as 0 revision, but the buyer was able to call for the revision.

I am new here, dont know much about how things work here.
Kindly let me know about your opinion

has this ever happened with you???

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Did you get an official revision requests or did he just ask you for a revision?

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i got an official revision request…properly shown in the orders sections

It doesn’t matter how many revisions you have listed, it’s up to you to enforce the limit you agreed upon. For some reason Fiverr will allow a buyer to continuously abuse the revision button.


Tell him that the offer included 0 revisions. Ask him if. He would like to buy them. If the project is $5-30 then just give them to him for free.

I suppose it would depend on what gig the buyer purchased. A few of your gigs offer unlimited revisions. So, theoretically, the buyer could keep requesting revisions until the day he dies.

Personally, I don’t think leaving the number of revisions blank means that the buyer has 0 revisions, I think it would default to the number of revisions you offer on your gig page. At least, I feel that’s how Customer Support would see it.

Ohk i see, the project is of 20$…i gave the second file for free…lets see what happens

My gig is of web development, i dont know about the default revision on it…and on my gig i have not mentioned anything about the revision

If you look at your gig page next to the “2 Days Delivery,” it says you offer 5 revisions.

In the future, I would just be clear with the buyer about how many revisions are or are not included. Makes things much simpler when issues like this pop up.

If you do not select Number of Revision and leave as it is, it will be considered as “Unlimited Revisions”. So always choose a number for revision as 1, 2, etc while creating Custom Offers.