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Something Weird Is Happening

Do you have orders that got no reviews lately and are waiting to clear?

I’m actually in the middle of projects, but I can later. I’m struggling to stay awake… dang rain!

I do have 6 orders that I’m waiting to close or get feedback on but I don’t think that could have caused it.

Yeah, no problem. It’s raining on my end as well making me sleepy.

I think that has an effect.

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It might we will find out soon hopefully. I’m hoping that someone can check it on the mobile app cause it’s appearing as it should there.

To be honest, this is getting quite ridiculous now. What exactly are you going to accomplish by knowing where your gig is on the app, in different browsers today, when it could very well have a different position tomorrow?

If you intend on asking the same question everyday, you should really consider hiring a virtual assistant. I’m also at a loss for why you can’t just check all this for yourself using TOR?

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Yeah, fair enough. This whole thing just has me stressed out.

In this case, get a stress ball, comfort eat, or play a first person shooter like normal people. :wink:


I’m more of a turn-based RPG kinda guy


In that case, I’m afraid that you are destined to live with your parents until you are 40. :frowning:

At some point, you will also start living solely off Domino’s Pizza and decide it is a good idea to grow a neck beard. RPGs are fine. It’s the turn based RPG’s which are the worry.


Sometimes I wish I still lived with my folks at 40, I’d have a fortune by now…

Dang. Should a played more turn-based RPGs. Stoopid RPGs and ARPGs
grumbles incoherently


Where do turn based JRPG’s rank? And yes, I resigned myself to pizza and living in the attic of my parents place when I was 14. I’ll never forget the day I picked up fallout 2.


If it’s turn-based, it’s likely the same outcome. I must admit though, that I have never attempted to prove this scientifically.

The good news is that as @sturoyce says, you will be financially prosperous in middle age.


Did this ever improve?

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I’m still observing the situation and it’s not all grim. From what I can tell, I definitely can’t see any of my gigs not just my main one but others can, kinda. Don’t know exactly why or what is happening but I’m observing my stats to see if there’s a concerning dip. But what I do know is a lot of Pakistani sellers were hit by whatever changed.

I’ll make a follow-up post after I have something conclusive which should be tomorrow or next week. In the meantime, I’ve taken @cyaxrex’s advice and taken up comfort eating which is doing wonders.


That’s interesting. …

I say Pakistani because that’s the majority of people I got in touch with on the matter. So for all, I know it could be happening all over the world.

Ah, I envision you drinking your Hershey’s Chocolate shots. (Yep, I still remember that conversation.)

Moved to a local brand that tastes pretty much the same and removed the cup from the equation.


I buy the generic brand too.

Like a true chocoholic! :laughing: