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Something Weird Is Happening

My main gig disappeared too, and I am not from Pakistan, so I believe it’s global. However, this has happened if not every month, at least once every two months for me, it comes back after the 15th-17th or so. Maybe this time is the same.


@donnovan86 thanks for sharing that. @misscrystal I’m not seeing some extreme changes in my stats so I don’t know what to make of it. Either way, we can conclude this happens from time to time.

I think it’s best that we don’t think about it that much as long as the stats are comparatively normal.

Well stats are dropping during these 5-7 or how many days it lasts. As you said, better move on and try to complete current orders. It’s still something strange…

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Yeah but it’s not a complete crash. Stats are dropping but as long as it’s within a reasonable limit I can’t complain.

Are things any better for you man? No improvements on my side.

Nope, things haven’t changed on my end either. Stats are somewhat low but nothing super concerning. I honestly say you should just stop caring about it. Fiverr might be trying out some new algorithm or something else along those lines.


Exact same thing has happened to me, i have been here for a while now, maintained my gig placement on page 1 for years, now all of sudden my gig has disappeared from page 1 and no where to be seen in first 50 pages. Reported this issue to CS and they simply do not care and reply back with same copy/paste msgs talking about irrelevant stuff. Then they said it could be because of your performance, when all my stats are 100% and 1 is 99% . So from getting 30+ orders a day to 0, impressions are 0 too. They call this perfectly fine and normal thing. Does this look normal to anyone lol? or am i the only stupid one here!


Lol illogical weird stuff is the new normal I guess?