Something went wrong on fiverr


I am new in fiver about one half month and I make 28$ ,after 14 days I try to withdraw these money when I withdraw my fund I found this message
I contact with fiverr without benifet. What I can do please.


Nobody on the forum can help you with this.

You need to contact Customer Support.


I really contact with Customer Support without result.
thank you for your response.


I glad to hear that. However, we still can’t help you. We do not have access to help you with this issue. Only Fiverr can be of assistance. If they haven’t responded to your ticket yet, give them time. They are a very busy department.


Have you made sure your phone is connected and on and re-tried? The phone whose number your entered into Fiverr.


Simply add the phone number and verify it is yours


yes, my phone is connected and I was traying for a week, and my phone is verified.


i think you should continue disturbing fiverr support until you get a result


hey , try again after 24 hours but with a new number problem will be fixed
cause i also have faced this problem

Thank you very much

I will try this.


Thank you very much
I will try this.


this is big problem …when I want to change my phone I press edit button in order to change my phone but the screen going quickly… I cant change my phone…I dont know is this a problem in the site or in my page??
I need a help please?