Something went wrong, please try again - 2017 Version


I’m receiving “Something went wrong, please try again” when trying to make a payment. I have notified Customer Support, however, I am being told to delete cookies/cache an wait 24 hours to try again. Not working.

Any help?


If you did what CS said, and it’s been more than 24 hours then all you can do is contact CS again.


Make sure to try in another browser. Sometimes something goes wonky with Fiverr or with an update in your browser. If the cookies/cache trick doesn’t work, another browser that hasn’t cached your info or hasn’t been updated recently might work. Most people have the best luck with Chrome and Firefox. IE is not a good choice. Some of the others like Safari might work but I haven’t used those in a long time.


There is a glitch or software problem with the credit card/PayPal section. On two seperate occasions, the payment page went bonkers and went into an endless loop.

It took awhile but it eventually showed up as paid at my end. It showed up as paid immediately at the sellers end.

Contact your seller to see if it’s visible to them, if not, check your credit card for pending. If it’s not showing, you didn’t pay, if it’s showing, contact CS in 24 like they said to do.


Try with another browser!


@casasdelrey try using a vpn or change the browser if it doesnt work contact customer support
@capitalquality i had the same issue a week ago any ideas?


I’ve been having the same problem. Tried different browsers, 4 different credit cards, I even set up another Fiverr account. Nothing works. Whenever I try, a charge shows up on my card but immediately says “cancelled” so the money isn’t coming out. Also, PayPal has never been shown as an option for me to pay with.

I contacted customer service and was told:

It seems the funds were declined by our payment service partner. I apologize for this inconvenience. I’ll ask our Financial team about why this happened, and I’ll let you know once this issue has been fixed and to try to make the payment again.

As for the Paypal option being gone, our technical team is aware of this and are working to address this matter.


I went back and forth with Customer Service and finally received this:

Thank you for your patience.

After a further review by our Financial team I am afraid that you will not be able to make a purchase via credit card and I advise you to try PayPal instead. Please see Paying for Services.

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Not sure how this is possible…


I even went so far as to buy a Visa gift card and try that out. Nope.

I don’t understand how a problem like this can go on for years (I’ve seen complaints back to 2013 and every year since then).


I’ve made purchases all week long, I think around 4. It all worked fine for me.

I don’t use PayPal, I use credit card.

Perhaps you should call your credit card company to see if it’s been compromised.


I’ve used 5 different cards now. Both Visa and MC. Some debit/credit, some credit only. Last night when I signed up I bought 6/7 jobs just fine then it stopped working. I’ve used different computers on different IP addresses, I tried a Visa gift card…nothing.

When I get to the checkout screen, PayPal is not even an option.


Thanks for posting about visa gift card…that was my next move!!


I finally got ONE $5 purchase to go through. After that, no more luck. Even got my account temporarily suspended for trying to submit payment too many times.


I just signed up and can’t seem to get an order thru. I am amazed the site hasn’t corrected the issue. I have only been asked if i want to use PayPal once. Since then I only receive an area for CC. When I enter the information I receive the following error.
“something went wrong please try again”

I’ve tried two different browsers. ARG