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"Something went wrong please try again" when I try to pay with a credit card

Does anybody else have this issue? For some reason I am completely unable to pay with a credit card. Also, for some reason I am being sent a receipt for my payment even though the payment never went through. I am new to Fiverr, are bugs like this normal?

Reply to @jasonleea: what did they write back and tell you?

And did you clear your cache, log out of Fiverr, reboot your computer and then see what your order status is? I would try that. I had a glitch in ordering a gig once or twice and did this and then my orders showed up.

And if you are receiving a receipt for a payment, I would also call your credit card company to see if anything went through - did you call them and what did they say?

@jasonleea Have you contacted Support?

Yeah but they haven’t been able to help so far.