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"Something went wrong, please try in few seconds" when setting thumbnail

I’ve just updated my Gig’s video and select a new thumbnail, but It’s been showing “Something went wrong, please try again in few seconds” for 2 days.


I’m experiencing the same situation. Can anyone help?


amigo yo tengo el mismo problema, yo le mande un mensaje al servicio de asistencia de fiverr y todavia no responden, pero estoy seguro que pronto lo tendra que arreglar.


Por favor, avíseme qué soporte le responde

Please follow fiverr roles and make video.
Thanks for share your problem

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I guess this bug don’t have any issue with rules

I also face the same problem few days ago . But it still available. I also contacted with fiverr support.But they take 10 days to solve my problem.Then i deleted my gig video.

So what we should do next? Is there any solution want to suggest please!

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a mi ya me funciona el boton de vista previa, si todavy no te funciona habla con el soporte

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Hi @cristiandaniel1, It also works with me now. I got my thumbnail. Thank you

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UPDATE : Problem Resolved
I can change my thumbnail now you should try for once again.

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Hi. yes, It works with me also. Thanks for notice