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"Something went wrong"...when trying to pay with Amex


I am so frustrated with this site. It is clunky and not a very good experience. However, it is providing a valuable service linking buyers and sellers. Anyway, can anyone tell me why after processing 4 orders successfully one after the other (as separate orders for account reconciliation ease), my 5th order on my Amex card was not put through; instead, I get a message saying “Something went wrong” with no further indication of WHAT actually went wrong. I rekeyed the info 2x more with the same result. I really do HATE inconsiderate design like this. Now I have no idea what to do and there is a seller out there wondering why they aren’t getting paid. Please help! :FRUSTRATED_IN_FLORIDA:


Not sure. And I’m also not sure what you’re doing since you can’t buy gigs with your AMEX. You can only purchase through the Fiverr system which I believe is Pay-Pal, Damnquickpay and maybe Bitcoin. Not too sure about Bitcoin.

So… Not sure what’s what here but if you have been paying a seller outside the Fiverr system not only can you get your account banned… but you are at risk of Fraud. Maybe contact Customer Support and see just what’s what.


The situation is that Fiverr displays an Amex logo when you first start the payment process.


But then later on the wizard says “pay by visa or MC”, you can then input your Amex card and it will accept it. The wizard tells you that you can enter the “last 3” (sic) digits on the back of your card; one obligingly does just that, you click “submit”, there’s a green progress line that steadily moves all the way from right to left, and then you are told “We are working on it” and “We’ll email you when your order is ready”.

So, it SEEMS that your submission was successfully, but then, hours go by and there is no email and NOTHING about a pending payment in your dashboard, and it dawns on you…

You go and do an internet search to find Fiverr does not accept Amex!

OK, Fiverr! Please remove the Amex card logo from your payment options.


There was a user yesterday who had an issue with his credit card. He tried a different browser and it went through.

I suggest you try a different browser as well to see if it works.

But if it doesn’t accept Amex you might want to reach out to customer support to let them know ;).