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Something went wrong!

I was trying to create my 3rd gig. When i reached the description section and saved it, instead of saving it showed my a message on the top stating-
"Base ExtraFast: duration should be shorter than the original gig’s duration"
What’s wrong please someone tell me… What does ‘Duration’ mean??

It means “delivery time”. eg. the delivery time for the gig when choosing the “extra fast” option should be less than the delivery time without the “extra fast” option.

eg. if your delivery time for the gig is 2 days, your delivery time with the “extra fast” option would need to be 1 day (ie. less than the 2 days of the normal gig).


You are choosing to add extra services in gig-
That extra delivery time must be less than your current gig delivery time…

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thanks found that information helpful