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Something wrong with Delivery time Coutner

Few days ago i received order with Partial Buyer requirements and Tried to contact customer several times to Receive all the info but he was failed to deliver that info .
btw he asked me to extend the order so he can provide the rest of information , He apologies for late Since he was Return buyer i just sent extension request , the request got accepted.
I sent request for 7 days extension but few Hours Later

i received email stating .
i dont know if it intended behavior or a fault in fiverr’s Counter.


Did your buyer accept the request for extension before the original order deadline? Or did the buyer only accept the extension request after the original order deadline had passed?

If it is the former, I don’t think you should have received that email (in which case you should let CS know).

If it is the latter case, the email makes sense as there was a short duration in between (between the expiration of the original deadline and the buyer agreeing to the extension) when your order had crossed the order deadline and, therefore, was technically “late.”

Buyer has accepted the extension after few days of initial deadline , and as soon he accepted extension i received notification that you have 4 hours to deliver .

Then it makes sense. The order extension request should be accepted by your buyer BEFORE the original order deadline expires. Otherwise, you will be penalized, and your on-time delivery statistic will be affected.

Extend delivery time adds to the ORIGINAL due date. NOT the date accepted, nor the date requested, which is a problem.

That being said I have had orders that went into LATE status waiting for acceptance. Once they accepted late status sent away and finally delivery was on-time on the system.

You Mean it is intended behavior!