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Something wrong with my gig pricing?

Hi, folks!

I’ve got a gig in Proofreading where the buyer needs to order by word count. I have set up the pricing so that you can get up to 1000 words for $5, then beyond that they should be 2.5 cents per word. When I visit the gig page and enter, for example, 1600 words, the “continue” button correctly shows $20.
However, I have gotten two orders now from a buyer who claims he entered that and it only charged him $5.

He’s a Top Buyer and I am giving him the benefit of the doubt, but if he’s doing it correctly then I can’t figure out what is wrong with my pricing. I’d appreciate another set of eyes to help me fix it!

Here it is: Proofreading gig

Thank you!


I entered 1600, it showed around €16 / $20, but when I press continue it shows a $5 total (minus fiver fee)

The number 1600 is nowhere to be seen, the package description says “up to 5000 words”.

So yea, it’s either a bug or it simply doesn’t work as intended.


Thank you for checking! I looked deeper into my pricing setup and I’m wondering if Fiverr changed something while I was inactive. Looks like I now need to do it with something like “1000 words maximum” and add an “extra” for more than that… if I’m reading it correctly!

I seem to remember that there used to be a “price per word” setting; I had it set up and working six months ago. :roll_eyes:


Maybe it’s changed, yes.

A gig extra would be the better solution indeed.

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Maybe have a look at other gigs in your category to see how they set their prices up.

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Yes, You charge 5$ for 5k words and for 40k words price is 360 ( it shold be near to 80$)

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I redid the pricing setup and I think it is slightly more sane now. :wink:

Thanks, guys, for the help!