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Something wrong with my gigs ? need help


Hello :slight_smile:
I have fiverr account 3 months ago, and I have made only 11 orders and got all of them with sending buyer requests and now I didnt make any order a while ago and still sending buyer requests.
I got level 1 seller and nothing changed!

It would help me if someone suggests me any edits on my gigs or profile.


Hey there, if buyer requests are not bringing in any sales, I advice using one of these methods:

  • (If not done so already) Promote your gigs on other social media platforms and websites frequently. I use Facebook Groups oriented around what services I provide, I also use forums, my blog, Snapchat and Instagram.
  • Try offering a special promotion on your gigs, to reel in extra orders as a short time period offer. This can work as buyers tend to look for the cheapest price for a high quality service.

Enough with promoting, I have looked at a few of your gigs. I really think it would be beneficial if you could make your descriptions longer, explain more about what you offer and experience in your description. Also, in the video provided as an example (YouTube Intro) you say prices start at $5, but there only seems to be the normal package at £11.48 (for me). Would definitely recommend a promotional offer for sure, tends to work quite well.


Thank you so much for this advice :slight_smile:
I will focus on what you told me so far.