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Something wrong with my gigs

Ok, I was doing fine with fiverr. It wasn’t much but I was getting enough gigs to pay all my bills and it was amazing. Now it’s gone and I can’t get any gigs anymore.

Now before people come to me with the bullshit like “just work harder, hit buyer’s request” I gotta ask you not to. That kind of advice doesn’t help anyone.

The reason I don’t get any more gigs is that I’m getting no exposure on the website anymore.
I used to get over 5k impressions a month, and in the last 7 days I didn’t even hit 50!

What’s up with that? I used to get so much exposure before I became a level 1 seller, it seems that as soon as I hit level 1 my exposure vanished.

I’ve added a video to my gig, tagged it as best I can, but I’m getting zero exposure.
Should I just create another account? Is that how it works?
I got some money coming in from a gig I already finished, once I cash that in I’m deleting this account and creating a new one. Seems like it’s been blacklisted or something…

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