Something wrong with the Inbox?


So when you click on the Inbox, I think we usually…well, get to the Inbox,
and you get a list of the messages people have sent to you in the past.

From last night, my Inbox page is blank.

It does say “Inbox” at the top left corner, but the rest of the screen is blank.

Is anyone else having this problem???


I get this a lot on the mobile app and I have to reboot my device to fix it. I usually don’t get this on PC but I think I did once. It seems to me that a clear of cookies/cache and reboot fixed it, but I can’t remember for sure. I just check my inbox and I’m not having any trouble on PC right now.


Hmmm, I might try rebooting it.
I hope that’s all I’ll need to do, I ain’t that tech-savvy :stuck_out_tongue:
Thank you for replying so quickly!