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Something's wrong with my analytics!


Ok so i checked my gig analytics, and boom… my gig views are in negative :arrow_down:
I mean how in the world can the views possibly be in negative!
How is this even calculated… i need to know because my common sense says that views can only be counted in positive… I mean zero views is considerabe but what is heck is ↓15 ???



It means you are getting fewer views than earlier not a negative amount of views.


Gig impressions, views, clicks can go down, it’s pretty normal. You don’t talk to the same number of people at the school/work every day, do you?


That down arrow does not mean it’s negative, and the down arrow isn’t associated with 15 in the way you think.

It simply means that your views have decreased (hence the down arrow), and that your views are at 15 at that moment.

I would recommend not writing sentences in Uppercase, because on forums (and in the digital world in general) it is considered “shouting”, not to mention that it can come off as a command rather than a kindly asked question. Just my word of advice :slight_smile:


Hahaha… ok i’ll keep that in mind :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks everyone for responding i was a bit annoyed that time… after a few twichings in my gigs the analytics are all now in upward direction… :slight_smile: