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Something's wrong


I was tring to create my 3rd gig. When i reached the discription section and saved it, instead of saving it showed my a message on the top stating-
"Base ExtraFast: duration should be shorter than the original gig’s duration"
What’s wrong please someone tell me… What does ‘Duration’ mean??


Duration means length of time. It means that your extra fast delivery period isn’t shorter than your normal delivery time, which defeats the purpose of extra fast delivery.


It means you added a gig extra for express delivery but the time isn’t shorter or is the same with your basic gig. For example, your basic gig can’t be 24 hours with your gig extra being 24 hours. The time on your basic gig has to be longer than your gig extra’s time.

Got it??


Did you just copy-paste someone else’s answer to your post? Because you can use your own words, y’know. Especially if you’re a writer.


Lol if you can see this was ‘my’ question on forums… so i just gave him the solution which i got… so i don’t think i did something wrong… moreover though i am a writer, it doesn’t mean that i should just modify someone else’s words to defy my services.


Well, if you’re a writer, then you should be able to put other people’s suggestions into your own words with absolute ease! :slight_smile:

Also, I don’t quite get what you mean by “defy my services”. If you’re going to copy-paste someone’s response, the least you could do is credit them by linking to the original post or tagging them in this one. Credit where credit’s due, eh?


thanks for your kind response find that helpfull.