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Sometime I thought I delivered GOLD but buyer say NO

These happened rare in my ‘career’ on Fiverr for about 5 years+…

Some custom deal, I got what my buyer wanted, have a great breakfast then start his project, took half a day put all my creativity, time & effort into the artwork, after completion and I’m so excited and can’t wait to deliver it to my buyer.

In my mind, I believe that piece of custom artwork will WOW my buyer & I so proud of it, until…


They are not happy with it, dislike it and want a big modification, which modify into a worst artwork in my term of awesomeness.

That moment REALLY pissed me off and so affected my mood as a graphic artist. I consider it as Disappointment.

Well, end up we only can modify it and let’s time heal our creative soul.

Just ranting about being so into something, created it and the client dislike our ‘masterpiece’. You know that feeling?

First Ranting of 2016.

Hello Chris, you could deliver the biggest masterpiece and some would not like it. I’m sorry you have to go through this and I can sympathize with you. Remember, many people have no idea what looks good. I love your artwork and will be buying one of your gigs soon. Your art is amazing.

Hello Chris,
These kinds of things happen. It’s the worst when it doesn happen.
I have noticed that the customers that are more picky tend to be the ones that pay the least. Which is a real shame.
I wish you the best of luck with your clients!

Not just Fiverr. I have had clients like that EVERYWHERE. Even in my day job. Sometimes you create something brilliant and if it is not something they were expecting or if it doesn’t fit in their creative brief, they will not like it.
It can happen that sometimes the clients are given multiple options of their artwork (not on Fiverr) and they select something that was the least good looking in our heads. Figuring out what some clients want is impossible. That is the way the human brain works. Unpredictably.

End up I modified to my buyer requests and he gave me 5 star “Outstanding Review” and accept both of my designs. I’m happy now at least. :slight_smile:

Thanks @misscrystal ! Looking forward to it. :smiley:

I always have that fear when doing a custom project. I just finished a pretty large Custom project for a client and literally took me over 40 hours worth of work! I was so worried that he might be like… Yeah this is not how I envisioned it. Thankfully to my surprise few hours after delivery he left me a very positive 5 star review. I fear large custom projects, the receiving party doesn’t understand the amount of effort of our life essence goes into it.