Sometimes autocorrect is ❤. Sometimes its 😁. Sometimes its 😯


Okay, so if I accidently call you something other than your username, it means I’m on my (not too) smartphone or tablet.

Nika = Nina, Niki
Woofy = Wooly, Woody
Saddu = Sally, Maddy, Sammy
Eoin = Erin, Evan
Wuerz = User, Users,

Edit: Anjy = Any, Amy, Ann

Also, when I type list it keeps replacing “i” with “u” - really annoying. That could be funny or embarrassing, depending on rest of the sentence. I may have to :flag_black: myself.

[Spoiler]On a separate, off topic note, I just messaged a seller with


I hope she doesn’t spam me? :sweat:


Edit: This part is a joke. It’s one of the forum regulars that I will be ordering from. I couldn’t resist joking with her. :laughing:


No problem Tina.
Erin is my country and Evan is my son (and also my name in Welsh)


Uh Oh, Gina, how can you do that to a Regular. I mean that’s spamming you know. I hope that seller do not start a thread against you. Check you can contact her anymore or not. what if you are reported. :frowning:


Unfortunately you can’t retract a message sent on Fiverr though I’m so grateful for the editing feature on the forum.

Autocorrect is very useful except the times it’s really not!


So that’s why some buyers call me Wooly or Woody :thinking:

But I still haven’t found an explanation for those who call me “dear Goofy” :unamused: It’s like when a buyer called “Sade” comes to me and I say “dear Shady”!


I’m laughing so hard, I’m not sure how to respond. You are making that up - right?

Tell me that’s a joke. :laughing::grin:


A few of my acquaintances address me as Nik, Niki, (Nikki) whateva it’s coolio. :sunglasses:
I had clients call me Nike :athletic_shoe: yeah whateva LOL. :smile:


“Dear Goofy”

Now, that’s funny.

A blast from my childhood past. :arrow_down:


@gina_riley2 I wish it was, so I’ll let the image speak for itself (and yeah, I kinda got upset because of it):


I like to call you " Nik" :slight_smile:


That’s fine with me dahling! :wink: :yellow_heart:


I made the ultimate typo error the other day when asking a buyer for their ‘word count.’ I’ll leave you all to work out what letter I omitted and what it said but needless to say I didn’t get the order.


OMG, you didn’t! Tell me you did not say that! :joy: I can’t stop laughing just by the sound of that!


Oh god I am laughing so hard at this… I am sorry it happened, but I also don’t understand how! Haha when you send a message to someone their usernames are right on the screen! :joy:


@Woofy31, I laughed at your Goofy story - at least they said “dear” too - however @homeestates clearly wins this round…
What was the context I wonder, was it “Hi, give me your word count” which would be absolutely awful given that many would read it with a comma after “word”!


With a comma it’s even more hilarious! :joy: :joy: :joy: Yeah, definitely @homeestates wins this round!


This happened to me more than once. Whenever I type “use”, it gets changed into “sue”.

Me:We can sue some parts of the older version of your script.
Buyer: What are we sueing?


Sometimes autocorrect drives me nuts.


I’m afraid it happened. I rushed the reply and only checked it hours after sending.


Just call me Writer :sunglasses: [Speaking of which, have you guys told anyone in real life about your online nicks or nick on Fiverr? If I tell my mom that my nick on the site where I make all that money is “Writer” followed by a bunch of numbers, I can only wonder about her reaction. LOL]