Sometimes buyers ask for Commercial License


Sometimes Buyers ask for commercial license. I have read fiverr’s rules. But I really don’t know how to make it properly. I really need to know about it perfectly thus I can provide a good service to my Buyers.

Waiting for your kind answers…


I am sorry but I don’t really see any actual question in this :arrow_up: message. What was your question again?

Yes, spend time researching and learning how to do it and then you will be able to offer better service to your clients.


I am a Graphic Designer. I do various design.

My question is: When I make some design for my buyers, buyers ask for commercial license thus he can show that he is the owner of this work. So, How can I give my buyers this authority? I mean what kind of file or something else should I give to my buyer thus he can show someone in future that He is the only owner of this design?

I hope you got my question now.


According to my observation I think PSD file in adopt was perfect for that but some time customer confirm about some images or other icons which you use into your product that they have your copyright
Etc .
Other wise you MAY submit Udemy certifictn for that if you can buy