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Sometimes doesn't matter how good is your gig, but important is who knows about your gig


Hello, Here my conclusion for selling services in fiverr is odd. I have gig in which I provide service for replicating logo or signature on more than 10 realistic surfaces just for $5. And there is no extra for super fast delivery in 1 day. I have checked other gigs related to mine, in which they provide maximum 5 designs and some are providing only one design (which i have also included in my gig). Still they have got more sells than me.

The main point is it’s minor what you provide, but the major thing is who knows about what you provide. So in my view, Don’t concentrate about choosing service what you should provide instead just provide anything but concentrate on marketing and promotion (which i couldn’t do in my case). I have read somewhere that good thing doesn’t need promotion. it sells itself. Frustrated about this theory.