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Sometimes gigs are not shown

Thanks you all Fiverr community forum.Sometimes my gig shown and sometimes has gone.I don’t know what happened.

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I do not understand what you mean. If you do not explain properly then no one will response.

Sometimes your GIG shown and sometimes has gone ??? What dose it mean.???

Where your GIG show and where its not showing ?? And please tray to explain properly. English is very important. So tray to make your English correct.

Thank You. .

Thanks nayan_das
My coriocity is.
When I search any particular topic like "Classified ads " in the find service.I see that my gig is in the first page.But after an hour when I search again I can’t find my gig 1,2 & 3 pages.After 2 or 3 hours later I see that my gig is shown in the same page.
Why does it occur?