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Sometimes I feel like I take on too much & I'm being used


I want to start off by saying that I LOVE fiverr so much . I think that it’s an amazing idea , and it had helped me financially .

I just got promoted to level one seller . I had a gig where I would create a logo , in 24 hours . No one purchased this gig for awhile , and I came back from work the day before yesterday and had 12 orders . I didn’t take to things into consideration when creating this gig

  1. Some customers are difficult to reach within the 24 hour window after they order, which made my gig late and I think that they made have had the option to cancel

  2. Some did not read my directions :frowning: I explained that for $5 , I would create ONE logo design and modify it to meet their needs. Some of the customers who provided just vague instructions and told me to just " have at it " , then disliked what I did and told me to vaguely " redo " it again , or they finally provided a long list of instructions .

    ( this one lady who I did two beautiful logos samples for , kept asking me to redo her logo . I felt like I was being used )

  3. They saw my samples before they purchased the gig . It’s clear that I’m probably not a detailed artist . However , I had people ask me to draw extremely complicated things and incorporate it into their logo.

    I was good with completing some of the orders. Unfortunately , a family emergency happened yesterday . The 3 things I listed above , caused this to be too overwhelming to juggle the situation with my family and the demands so I issued refunds . I explained my situation to people and apologized . One lady’s reply was really rude. She said that " I was supposed to be professional and choked " it made me cry . :blush:

    What really hurt the most is when I would make beautiful logo samples for people and they wanted me to re-do the whole thing . I’ve asked people on my social networking site their opinions , and they loved them

    This made me realize some things
  4. I need a thicker skin
  5. It’s ok to ( how should I say this nicely ?) politely put my foot down and re-explain my guidelines because a lot have the tendency to walk over me
  6. I need a stronger business sense
  7. I will never try to take on anything tedious within 24 hours . I didn’t know that I would get so many orders . I wish I didn’t have to put them back , but emergencies happen
  8. I guess that not everyone will like, what I like

    Allowing myself to be used is my own fault , but I really learned something valuable . Any suggestions so this doesn’t happen again ?

    I do have other gigs that are doing good , however .

    … And I’m wondering if I will lose my number 1 seller status for canceling 12 orders and deactivating the gig ? ( I have a 100% positive rating regardless )

    Also , has any buyer tried to ask you for too much here? Did you have to cancel a bulk of orders before ?

    I’m really happy that this forum has a rant section . Hopefully someone reads this and replies . I really feel better . Thanks <3 =)


I can totally relate, I think most sellers can, to these issues. It takes time to learn how to sidestep the potholes. And even then new ones pop up.

  1. If you can’t do 12 gigs in 24 hours, I would suggest giving yourself enough time to do so. There maybe days when 25 people just decide they want to order, at the same time. There’s nothing wrong with giving yourself enough time, it’s a plus for your customers and you. Not as stressful, better work.

  2. Be as specific as possible, down to the littlest detail. It will probably be ignored, but at the very least you can cover yourself and refer to your requirements/gig description when a buyer is being difficult. Be clear about how many redo’s you will do on your gig description. If they ask for an ungodly amount or you feel you have spent more than enough time trying to please the buyer, refer to your gig description and tell them you have no problem doing that redo, it’ll be one extra gig…blah…blah… or tell them you have already completed the amount of revisions you have stated in your gig.

    Also, never start working until you have all the information you need. if you must message them multiple times for clarification you either need to tough it out till they give up the goods or cancel, it might not be worth the effort. Again make sure you are clear in your description and requirements.

  3. Again, be as clear as possible as to what you will do in your description, if they don’t read it and ask you to complete something too difficult or complicated you can either tell them “no problem, the extra will be this much…” or “My apologies but that’s too complicated, in my gig description I do state I will do a simple logo…” or something like that.

    As for cancelling those orders, if you can mutually cancel that wouldn’t be so much of an issue ( don’t know for sure about levels, but I don’t think it has a negative affect), if they decide to decline and leave negative’s your account rating is going to go down, a lot.


I don’t know if this helps but I’m a buyer here and the thing that I look for is your work. Your portfolio. I don’t consider numbers too much. So I would add as much as you can to your portfolio. I want to see what you have done. Having a website or blog would help a lot. People that demand too much and pay too little may not be worth the time.

Just like buyers you should want quality customers. I like Fiverr and I don’t want people to leave. Some people are unrealistic and perhaps have never tried to create something and think everything is a click away.

Anyway keep adding work to your portfolio. Book yourself a gig and make a project or for a charity or a friend. I would like to see more samples of some people’s work so I can book the right person for the job. And you know what? Some people are just exploiters and you can’t change them. Don’t worry about ratings so much, just keep working.


Reply to @renedisco: Well said. It’s always nice to hear the buyers side of things.


Aww, sorry about that. You’re not the only one. As accessgirl said, most buyers can relate. I can relate too. Don’t let buyer bully you. I’ve only been on Fiverr for 3 months and I have cancelled a good amount of orders too, in my case the buyers didn’t read my gig desc. and asked me to do things I clearly state in my gig desc. I can’t do. I’ve had a buyer who made me work really hard, for 2 weeks straight I worked on this order, I think it was worth atleast $100 and I did it for $15. When they refused to let me go after I asked for a cancelation (at that time I was really tired and I felt really used) I asked for help from CS and they helped, but the good thing is this buyer finally realized what they did and gave me the $15 I earned, I at first refused to take it as I really didn’t want to have anything to do with them anymore and they insisted said sorry and kept asking me to take it so I did. I’ve also had demanding buyers but most of the time really good and nice buyers. Keep going and don’t let buyers bully you, there are many nice buyers out there so don’t feel bad about what the bad ones made you feel. :slight_smile:


Did I also see a place where you can click and it relates that you’re on holiday?



You are really not the only one. On my own website and through professional connections I’ve made over the past three years freelancing, I usually sell 300-500 words of copywriting or content writing for £30. On Fiverr, I offer the same service but only charge $5. This is a hige difference as $4 is nothing in the UK. However, I usually only make 1 or 2 sales a day outside of Fiverr, whereas on Fiverr, I can get up to 6 sales a day+gig extras. The result? I can actually make a decent bit of money on Fiverr… The only problem is that on Fiverr a lot of buyers are extremely demanding and in some cases quite rude.

For instance, I recently had a guy ask if I could write content daily for his website. I said yes, but he then said “okay, send me an article and I’ll see what I think.”

I apologized and said I couldn’t do this as I don’t offer free samples. Instead I sent him a link to one of my portfolio websites where he could see examples of my work.

The buyer then said that he wasn’t willing to pay up front as he had been let down in the past, so I said I couldn’t help. Anyway, a few days later he is back saying he will now order and orders three articles which he gets with free royalty free images & 24 hour delivery as a sign of good faith. He then reviews saying the work is great but then comes back to me asking if I will log into his website and upload them. I said no, as I was very busy by then with something else and he completely lost it with me.

After pleading message (from him) I then did attempt to upload to his site, but it was the slowest most buggy wordpress install that I had ever seen, and I spend nearly 15 minutes just waiting for an image to upload . This being the case, I quit, sent him a message explaining the situation…and he decided to change his reviews to trash me.

Anyway, in general I do find a lot of Fiverr buyers really hard work which does put a big dent in my enthusiasm for Fiverr sometimes. If however, people start being too much work, i.e needing numerous revisions because they have changed their job brief, or asking me to give them my phone number so their CEO can call me and tell me what they want writing, I just cancel the gig.

To keep it simple though, simply never sell anything which you can’t do in half an hour. I know most people say 15 minutes, but writing simply doesn’t work like that.

Either way, keep your chin up and remember that it is always better to keep the moral high ground rather than capitulate to peoples ever desires…unless they are willing to pay for that capitulation and ask politely.

Merry Christmas,