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Sometimes i get over expected buyers paying 5$ asking for 100$ job

Usually i get decent ones but sometimes they asked something that cant be fit in 5$. are we (sellers) machines so whatever the buyer requested we would do in 5$. why they cant think about it that 5$ are the basic price for a job according to the seller you cant get everything in 5$.
huh :neutral_face:

Same situation here, mine also cut downed my premium service charge to $5 and abused my unlimited revisions and not to mention cancelled order. What I think the main reason why some buyers are like this is simple: they just want cheaper price for greater service. :rage:

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Never have unlimited revisions - you could be stuck with a buyer for life, making revisions to a $5 gig - what a nightmare!


You’re worth as much as you let yourself be worth!

That’s a lesson I’ve learned and work by!

:bulb: Joe

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If someone orders a $5 order and it’s really a $50 order, send them a custom extra in the order for $45. It’s that simple. You don’t have to do the order for $5.

You need to be prepared to mutually cancel if they don’t want to pay that much.


Yeah, that happens all the time but how you deal with the situation will define your success. Rather than canceling when the buyer doesn’t accept your offer to raise the price don’t cancel. Try and make them understand why you need them to pay more, tell them how your services will benefit them, tell them you won’t anyone better than you on Fiverr or anywhere else and even after all that they don’t agree to make a compromise and at least pay 70% of what the order is actually worth only then cancel the order.
Live by this method, and surely you’ll see good results.
if a buyer says they’ll come back and tip you give them a chance. A buyer told me to make a $15 amazon listing for $5 and he’ll tip me after the [roduct starts selling/ He gave me a $50 order as a tip.Be professional, be kind & be an achiever!
Sorry for the long cheesy reply.