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Sometimes I just can't believe other sellers

I got an order from another Level 2 Seller. I put a lot of effort into the job, she approved without messaging me so I always assume buyers are happy with what I’ve done when that happens.

I have zero reason as the seller to give her anything lower than 5*. I always send a message asking how everything was after they leave feedback right away, just to gage if there’s anything wrong.

She says everything I did was great and lots of great ideas.
Then I see her feedback and it’s a 4*…

If I work with another seller on Fiverr I make damn sure I leave them 5* reviews, because I know how detrimental anything lower can be to gigs and overall profile performance.

I then ask the seller why she left the lower feedback, and she’s now blocked me, and most likely reported me.

I will never understand why people have to take the crappy days out on sellers on Fiverr with bad reviews. Sellers should be looking out for other sellers. Especially those that are higher levels and understand the grind.

Rant over.

People are different. Not all think the same way as you do nor you should expect such from them. At least it wasn’t a 1* so… always could have been worse? But your frustration is understandable. =/

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Yeah, that is a no-no writing and asking for clarification about a review - even if you feel you are owed an explanation. Hopefully, they did not report you and just blocked you. Next time you get less than a 5 from a buyer (regardless of whether they are a seller or not - and, no, your review of them does NOT hurt their seller profile - you were rating them as a buyer) sit on your hands so you do not send a message asking about it!

Also, I think everyone in school or college had that teacher who never gave an A to anyone in class. Could be this buyer thought a 4 was good enough. In the review, which part was ranked lower - communication, service, etc?



I had a similar experience with a buyer. I did all the person asked for, clarified that if anything was wrong or needed to be tweaked I could do so via revision request, yet they just maked the order as complete and then left a 4 starts review stating that what I described basically wasn’t 100% what I offered, although it still was a job well done.

Did it disappoint me? Yes, quite a bit. Especially considering I did ask to let me know if anything’s was wrong. However, sending a message to the person asking why they left a rating you weren’t satisfied about is far from a good move. Like other people have said before me, everyone is different. Maybe that other Lv2 seller was the same as the buyer I got, thinking there was something off, but still good enough to just call it a day without waiting for it to be revised. As sad as it is, people are entitled to their own opinions and judgements. At least 4 stars is stil a high rating and if you have everything else rated 5, it won’t really impact your stats.

Well, in this case, that’s typical of HRs. :eyes: