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Sometimes - I Worry About Being Possessed

I don’t know how I do what I do anymore.

They get more awful by the day. These scammy, terrible, initial coin offerings, which no one should ever ever buy. - Really, people should run from them like housefires with murderers for flames.

And yet, after an hour staring at gobbledygook buyer briefs which make no sense. Something just clicks mentally and I start writing.

I take the three sentences which buyers send me along (for some reason) with links to random web pages featuring random revolving planets with cryptocurrency icons scattered around like financial cataclysm Christmas decorations, and I create copywriting masterpices. - Content so good, I can almost convince myself to invest.

And then I sit back like now in shock.

It’s not me. It can’t be me writing these anymore. And I think… (I know, it sounds silly) I think I might be slowly sowing the seeds of global financial disaster, right from the comfort of my kitchen counter.

Of course, I can’t stop now. It’s gone too far already. For any crypto investors out there, though, be warned. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is, and I probably wrote it.

Seriously, though, does any other writer ever feel like this? I wish I could do this with my awful author career, it doesn’t seem to work that way, though. :frowning:




Could you combine it? Write a series whose hero is a cryptocurrency guy who slowly sows the seeds of global financial desaster from his kitchen counter and transforms to a were-doge after midnight to, well, to do whatever it is that were-doges do at night.

Seriously, yes, and I’m always delighted when I get jobs that seem to matter in some way.


No, the crypto gig world is too crazy to fictionalize. No one would believe it.

I made a spelling mistake a few months ago and sent prices soaring for the wrong virtual petro dollar. If I’d known, I could have made thousands. Instead, my article was picked up by the Daily Express and I made $15.

Besides, my current fiction works revolve around ostriches and robots. - Not really a good match. Plus it’s hard to make time.

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I have written some ICO white papers. Only one of them has actually launched. And then it was withdrawn and refunded, due to “lack of interest.” I have decided, for my sanity, no more ICO white papers. It’s like the juice cleanse of the internet…

Oh, I don’t write whitepapers. I write the news. For whitepapers you have to be a level 10 lie mechanic. Plus the scammy ICO promoters are the ones most likely to try and get orders refunded/con you into working for free.

Thankfully, my crypto PR powers can also be used to destroy ICOs. I always, therefore, get in the last evil cackle when someone does decide to try and pull a fast one. :slight_smile:

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I lost more than $7,000 because of the crypto.
Very sad!!